About Us

About Us: We are customer oriented company with years of experience in area of industrial spare parts and products distribution to end users. All our business practices and dealings are beneficial to our customers and are value based. We are focused on trade in industrial components for automation applications such as CNC machines, DIY Hobby machines and other.

We are not strictly committed to selling products of a defined brand or a quality level between professionally or hobby use, we obtain what our customers most demand from us. By us you can find products that can be used for professional and industrial purpose as well as for hobby use.

Our Goal: Our goal is to make the shortest connection way between the manufacturer/supplier and the customer. We want to deliver our products to our customer in the shortest possible time and for the best/lowest possible price.

One of our goals is to provide free shipping or lowest shipping cost to sending goods to the end customer by presenting free shipping option over a certain purchasing value. Our goods are mostly for industrial purposes and most of them are large in size and heavyweight so that in this case postage is very expensive. We will do everything to reduce the shipping costs and to shorten the delivery time.

What makes us different? We think that it is our experience that makes us different - we’ve been doing in industrial engineering/mechatronics over 20 years and therefore we are familiar with most industrial branches. Owing to the extensive industry experience, we are capable of providing our clients ability to making a right decision when buying some specific product. Our customers can always contact us for technical advice when choosing the right solution and we will be happy to help them to choose the right product from our shop.

Our goal is not only to sell a product but to satisfy the customer in all aspects of both price and quality. In the description of the product we are trying to provide enough information as possible about the product in order to clearly show all of the product features.

VAT Number: BG204728072