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CNC Plasma & Gas

CNC Plasma Cutter

Portable CNC Plasma/Gas cutting machine is compact, economical,ready to use and can cut material of any size. Automated functions and a ...

F1510-R Remote Control for Plasma Controller

F1510-R Remote Control for Plasma Controller F2100 / F2300 / F2500

Price without tax:125,00 €

F2100B Plasma CNC

F2100B 2 Axis CNC Controller for CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, Laser or Flame Cutter. User can choose one of following languages from language menu: ...

Price without tax:278,00 €

LGK Plasma Cutter

Famous China brand HUAYUAN Inverter DC Plasma cutter LGK-63/ 100/ 120/ 160/ 200/ 300/ 400IGBT series. HUAYUAN LGK Plasma cutter is the most famous ...

Oxy-Fuel Cutting Nozzle

Oxy-fuel Cutting Torch can be used for Acetylene and Propane cutting but with different cutting nozzle, for Propane cutting is used G03 nozzle and ...

Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torch

Straight Strip Oxy-fuel Cutting Torch is specially made for mounting on portable CNC plasma / Oxy fuel cutter. Can be used for Acetylene and Propane ...

Price without tax:159,00 €

P80 Plasma CNC Torch

Plasma Cutting Torch for up to 100A . Can be used for LGK-63IGBT and LGK-100IGBT or any other type of plasma up to 100A cutting current. Plasma ...

Plasma THC HP105

CNC Plasma THC Controller, HP105 plasma arc voltage height controller will constantly measuring the voltage change and will keep a constant distance ...

Price without tax:192,00 €

YK100 Plasma CNC Torch

Original YIKUAI YK100 Plasma Cutting Torch for up to 120A plasma cutting . Can be used for LGK-100IGBT and LGK-120IGBT or any other type of plasma up ...

Z-Axis Torch Lifter

The flame/plasma cutting machine Z-axis torch lifter is driven by DC gear motor to lift the torch up & down.

Price without tax:167,00 €
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