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Stepper Motor & Drivers

Stepper Motors

Stepper motors from 17 to 34 NEMA Size and from 0.26 Nm to 13 Nm Torque. VALLDER offers a reliable and inexpensive solution for stepper motors for ...

DM542 & DM556 Driver

DM556 / DM542 digital low-voltage stepper motor drive, using the latest 32-bit DSP technology, suitable for driving 57,86 series motor, with ...

NEMA23 Motor Holder

This coated steel bracket lets you securely mount typical NEMA 23-size stepper motors to your project. The bracket features two slots for various ...

Price without tax:1,45 €

Mach3 5-Axis Board

The latest upgraded 5 axis breakout board is specially designed for the CNC stepper / servo driver-controller, such as M542, M542H, ...

Price without tax:4,30 €

TB67S Stepper Driver

TB67S 4A Single Axis MicroStepping Stepper Motor Driver Controller based on Toshiba TB67S109AFTG Chip. TB67S109AFTG is 2nd generation PWM ...

Price without tax:6,50 €

Stepper Motor 1.2N

57BYG250B is High-Torque hybrid 2-Phase bipolar stepper motor offer the optimum performance and value on low cost. For many applications, these ...

Price without tax:14,20 €

Servo Stepper 2.2 Nm

CNC DSP Closed-Loop Stepper Servo Drive 4A 16~70VDC Matching 56mm NEMA23 motor HBS57 Leadshine Based on latest DSP technology and adopting ...

Price without tax:89,00 €

Servo Stepper 8.5 Nm

CNC DSP Closed-Loop Stepper Servo Drive 8A 30~100VDC Matching 86mm NEMA34 motor HBS86H Leadshine Based on latest DSP technology and adopting ...

Price without tax:115,00 €
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