NW-990TDca Lathe CNC Controller series, designed for professional use in industrial applications where precision , reliability and efficiency is required. Can drive 2 analog spindle ,2ms interpolation in high speed, support ATC , PLC and macro function which obviously improve the efficiency,precision and surface quality of parts processing. New USB interface,it supports the file operation and program running in flash disk.

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System functionG – Code
(Only the basic codes are shown, for more G-Codes details see PDF manuals for NW-990 models or G-Code tab)
The smallest resolution:0.001mmStraight line interpolation:G01
The max axis value:±99999.999mmArc interpolation:G02/G03
The highest speed G00:30m/minThread cut:G32
Feed speed G01:0.001~15m/minAbsolute and incremental Positioning:G90
Continuous manual:One axis or two axis at the same timeFeed per minute:G94
Line interpolation:Straight line, arc, screw thread interpolationOrigin start point:G92
Cutter compensation:length of the compensation、nose of tool compensationFixed cycle of tapping:G93
Cutter compensation input:Try to cut measuring input modeFixed cycle, multiple repetitive cycle, for roughing:G71
Spindle function:Gear、Double analog control,Rigid tappingCanned Cycle Facing:G72
Handwheel function:Panel、handheldHigh-speed Peck Drilling:G73
Handwheel processing:The handwheel processing functionPeck drilling cycle for turning:G74
Screen protection:The screen protection functionPeck grooving cycle for turning:G75
Tool rest function:Row tool rest、Electric tool post 99 knifeThreading Canned Cycle:G76
Communication function:RS232、Usb interfaceProgram cycle order:G22、G800
Compensation function:Tool compensation、Space compensation、 Screw pitch compensation、Radius compensationLocal coordinate system:G52
Units / Coordinate system:Metric/Imperial、Relative/AbsoluteFeed until skip function:G31、G311
Limit function:Soft limit、Hard limitPolar Coordinate:G15、G16
Thread function:Metric/Imperial、Straight thread、taper thread and so on by G-CodeMetrical/Imperial programme:G20、G21
* Preread function (Look-ahead):Preread 10000 short straight linesSet coordinate、offsetG184、G185
Password protectionMultilevel password protectionWorkpiece coordiante system WCS:G54~G59
Input/output:I/O 24X24Tool radius C compensastion:G40、G41、G42
PLC programme:All open PLC designAccurate locating/continuous path process:G60/G64
Acceleration and deceleration control:Staight line 、IndexConstant surface speed (CSS)G96/G97
Number of encoder:Arbitrary setFeeding mode:G98、G99
User macro program:HaveBacking to start point of progarm:G26
Electrical gear function:HaveBacking to the fixed point:G25、G61、G60
Application:Lathe、special machine toolsReturn to home position (reference point)G28
Auxiliary function:S、M、T

Pictures, dimensions,table data and technical drawings of this product are made with reasonable care and liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

* Look-ahead does just what its name implies; it looks ahead of the data it needs to mill at any given moment to verify that the CNC will be able to handle the demands the path will put on the machine. If the data check reveals that there may be a problem, feed rates for intermediate points along the contour are added, adjusting the feed rate downward to the maximum feed rate that will still yield an accurate surface.


nw series cnc1


  • Display: 800 * 600px 8 inch real color LCD
  • CPU: ARM(32bits)+DSP+FPGA
  • Dimension(L*W*H):  325*250*125
  • Mounting hole dimension: 298*225
  • Input / Output pins : 24 input / 24 output
  • Adapt bus modbus technology, ARM + DSP + FPGA technology
  • USB and RS232 port, DNC function of USB
  • Network remote technology and could diagnose the system online
  • User’s storage is 128M and could be infinite number of program
  • Abosolute type of motor (17bits multi circle) controlling technology
  • The most moving rapid speed is 300m/min, processing speed reaches 0.01 ~ 30m/min
  • The cycle of interpolation is 2ms, controlling accuracy is 0.1um
  • All closed-loop with grating ruler control and the accuracy is <2um
  • Preread the short line program to satisfy with high speed engraving and cutting
  • Intelligent Man-Machine dialog interface

tech cnc2tech cnctech cnc1tech cnc3tech cnc4
DSP TechnologyUSB PortARM ProcessorFPGA Real Time processingMODBUS Communication

Number of control axes

  • Number of control axes: 2,3 or 4 axes (X Z, XYZ or XYZA)
  • Number of linkage axes: 2,3 or 4 axes
  • Number of PLC control axes: 2,3 or 4 axes

Feeding axes function

  • Minimum command unit: 0.001mm
  • Position command range: +/- 99999.999
  • Max speed: 30 m/minFeeding speed:0.001-15m/min
  • G00 rapid override: Total 8 levels: 0~150%,real-time adjusting
  • Feeding override: Total 16 levels: 0~150%,real-time adjusting
  • Override: Total 16 levels: 5%~150%,real-time adjusting
  • Interpolation mode: Interpolation of linear ,arc ,thread and rigid tapping
  • Auto chamfering


  • Acceleration and deceleration funciton
  • Common thread(follow the spindle) / Rigid thread
  • Single-headed/Multi thread of straight ,taper and therminal suface in metric system/inch system,wqual and variable pitch thread
  • Thread retractin length ,angle and speed characteristics can be set
  • Thread pitch:0.1~1000.000mm or 0.1~99 tooth/inch
  • Rapid traverse: linear type or S type
  • The starting speed,finishing speed and time of acceleration and deceleration are set by parameter

Spindle function

  • Analog voltage 0~10V output in two channels ,support two-spindle control
  • Spindle encoder feedback in one channel,the resolution of spindle encoder can be set
  • Spindle speed: It is set by speed parameter,max spindle speed also coressponding to 10V
  • Spindle override: Total 16 levels: 5%~150%,real-time adjusting
  • Spindle constant surface speed control
  • Ragid tapping

Tool Function

  • Tool length compensation
  • tool nose radius compensation (C type)
  • Tool wearing compensation
  • Method of setting tools: Tool-setting in fixed position ,trial cutting tool -setting,return to reference point,auto tool setting
  • Tool offset exexuting mode: Rewriting coordinate mode,tool traverse mode

Precision compensation

  • Backlash compensation/Pitch error compensation in memory type

PLC function

  • The refresh cycle: 8ms
  • PLC program download by USB interface
  • PLC program can be customized edit
  • Basic I/Os : 40*24 I/Os , can be edit freely

Man-machine interface

  • 8.4” large screen real-color LCD , the resolution if 480 000
  • Display in Chinese or English
  • Display in two-dimensional tool path
  • Real-time clock
  • Operation management
  • Operate mode: Edit, Auto, Manual, MDI, mechanical zero return, MPG/single step, program zero-return
  • Operation authority of multiple-level management
  • Alarm record

Edit program

  • Program capacity: 32M
  • Editing function: program/block/characters research ,rewriting and deleting
  • Program format: ISO code,support Macro command programming,programming of relative coordinate ,absolute coordinate and hybrid coordinate
  • Calling program: Support macro program ,subprogram

Community function

  • RS232: Files of part program can be transmitted
  • USB: File operationand file directly processing in flash disk,support PLC programs,flash disk of software upgrade.

Safety function

  • Emergency stop
  • Hardware travel limit
  • Software travel limit
  • Data restoring and recovering
  • User-defined alarm hint

System operation condition

  • Power supplying
    AC 220V(+10/-15), Frequency 50Hz±2%. power:≤ 200W. Note: it must use isolation transform to supply power first input:380V
  • Climate condition /operation condition: temperature 0-45 degree,relative moisture 40-80%. storage & transportation condition:temperature -40 ~ 55degree,relative moisture <93%(40degree). atmosphere pressure:86-106kpa.
  • operation environment : No excessive flour dust, no acid, no alkali gas and explosive gas, no strong electromagnetic interference.



cnc 980tdb interface1

cnc 980tdb screencnc 980tdb screen1cnc 980tdb screen2cnc 980tdb screen3



G00Rapid PositioningG98Feeding / min
G01Linear InterpolationG99Feeding / rev
G02Circular Interpolation CWG65Macro command non-mode calling
G03Circular Interpolation CCWG66Macro command mode calling
G31Jumping functionG67Macro program mode calling calling
G311Jumping functionG40Tool nose radius compensation cancel
G70Finishing CycleG41Tool nose radius left compensation
G71Axial Roughing in CycleG42Tool nose radius right compensation
G72Radial Roughing in cycleG26Return to starting point of program
G73Close Cutting CycleG261X-axis Return to starting point of program
G74Axial Grooving CycleG262Y-axis Return to starting point of program
G75Radial Grooving CycleG263Z-axis Return to starting point of program
G76Multiple Thread cutting cycleG264A-axis Return to starting point of program
G90Axial Cutting cycleG265B-axis Return to starting point of program
G92Thread cutting cycleG25Save curret coordinate value
G93Canned Tapping CycleG61Return to position of G25
G94Radial Cutting CycleG611X-axis return to position of G25
G22Program CycleG612Y-axis return to position of G25
G800Program Cycle CancelG613Z-axis return to position of G25
G15Polar coordinate command cancelG614A-axis return to position of G25
G16Polar coordinate commandG615B-axis return to position of G25
G990Absolute value programmingG28Return to home of machine
G991Incremental value programmingG281X-axis return to home of machine
G20Inch inputG282Y-axis return to home of machine
G21Millimeter inputG283Z-axis return to home of machine
G04DwellG284A-axis return to home of machine
G60Exact stop & positionG285B-axis return to home of machine
G64Continous track processingM800C-axis return to zero position of SP-encoder
G50Set max speed of spindleM801C-axis ready to stop
G52Set local coordinate systemG53Machine coordinate system
G184Setup/Offset curret coordinte valueG54Workpiece coordinate system 1
G185Set/Offset all coordinate valueG55Workpiece coordinate system 2
G96Constant surface speed controlG56Workpiece coordinate system 3
G97Constant surface speed control cancelG57Workpiece coordinate system 4
G17XY plane selectionG58Workpiece coordinate system 5
G18ZX plane selectionG59Workpiece coordinate system 6
G19YZ plane selection


cnc turning



cnc 990mdc dimension




Download datasheet for NW-980/990TDc model





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NW-990TDca Lathe CNC Controller series, designed for professional use in industrial applications where precision , reliability and efficiency is required. Can drive 2 analog spindle ,2ms interpolation in high speed, support ATC , PLC and macro function which obviously improve the efficiency,precision and surface quality of parts processing. New USB interface,it supports the file operation and program running in flash disk.