Water Cooled Spindle

Water cooled Spindle Motor 2.2KW / 220V 400Hz with ER20 collet size

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Order the 2.2kW Water Cooled Spindle for more efficient, quieter CNC routing. Do not attempt to wire your VFD or spindle on your own. Consult with a professional electrician before following the diagram. Earth pin must be properly connected!

                          Water Cooled Spindle
Model GDZ-80-2.2B  ER20 Collet
Rev(rpm) 24000   Note: minimum 5000 rpm ER20 collet capacity 1mm to 13mm (Radial Runout 3-5μm)
Power(kw) 2.2KW spindle cnc
Motor Type Asynchronous
Voltage(V) 220V
Current(A) 8.5
Frequency(HZ) 400
Cooling Type Water Cooling
Diameter(mm) 80
Lubricate Grease
Bearing  7005C P4*2 DT     7002C P4*1
Collet(mm) ER20 (1mm – 13mm)
Size 80mm * 213m
Weight  5kg

COOLING and Wiring

Spindles need to be cooled and this spindle uses water for this purpose. More importantly, this aspect of water cooling does not allow air movement to cool the spindle (as opposed to routers that move air through the router to cool by convection). Water cools the spindle using conduction (heat transfer through contact). This is important because, as opposed to air movement, water cooling will not blow the dust all over the shop, and the dust and chips left over by the milling and cutting process can be removed with a dust collector or vacuum.

The ports for the water cooling tubes or hose is located at the back of the spindle. The port fitting will accept a tube or hose that has a 1/4″ (.25 inch) inside diameter and an outside diameter of 3/8″ (.375 inch). Either port can be used for in or out. It’s just important that the water flow through the body of the spindle.

The sound level from a spindle is extremely low as compared to routers. In fact, the sound from a spindle is quieter than the actual cutting and milling action from the end mill, and much quieter than a router.

water cooled spindle cooling

   SPINDLE Inverter Wiring

water cooled spindle cooling1


Spindles required the use of a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) to function. These VFDs are also called spindle inverters. The VFD takes the power from the wall and creates a frequency with voltage and current to spin the spindle. The frequency can be controlled to control the RPM of the spindle.

Pin1 to U
Pin2 to V
Pin3 to W
Pin4 to Earth ( This pin is mandatory! )

NOTE: Do not directly plug it into electricity power, Spindle can be connected only to Frequency Inverter!

spindle cnc1


spindle connector






VFD Setting

  Variable Frequency Drive Setting

Settings for AE200:

inv1a 150x150

Parameters for setting GDZ-80-2.2B Water Cooled Spindle

  • P – 012 / [ 4: Factory reset ]  Reset VFD to factory settings
  • P – 000 / Start options [ 0: from panel ] [ 1: from terminal ] if you choose to start from S1 terminal, check P- 053 the parameter must be set to “1“.
  • P – 003 / [ 7: Using panel Potentiometer ] [ 1: Using analog input *0-5V / 0-10V or external Potentiometer (4.7KΩ to 10KΩ) ]
  • P – 004 / [ set 400 ] Max output frequency
  • P – 005 / [ set 400 ] Operating frequency limit
  • P – 006 / [ set 100 ] Frequency lower limit , the spindle produce much heat on lower RPM and can burn out if not enough cooled.
  • P – 007 / [ set min 6 ] Acceleration, recommended above 6 sec, fast acceleration need much current and can produce error if VFD is under-powered
  • P – 008 / [ set min 6 ] Deceleration , if less then 6 sec than Collet nut will unscrew
  • P – 009 / [ set 400 ] Keyboard set frequency
  • P – 013 / Please dont use this function! (this motor type can not be used for “self learning function” and can burn out if not cooled)
  • P – 022 / [ set 3 ]
  • P – 029 / [ set declared Motor rated power in kW (for 2.2kw spindle set 2.2 ) ] Motor rated power
  • P – 030 / [ set 400 ] Motor rated frequency
  • P – 031 / [ set 24000 ] Motor rated speed
  • P – 032 / [ set 220 ] Motor rated voltage
  • P – 033 / [ set 8.5 ] Motor rated current

* For analog input 0V – 10V analog input, you need to ad an 12.2kΩ resistor to the FV input terminal ( can bee connected in series 10kΩ + 2.2kΩ) and calibrate it by P-064 function changing parameters, usually this parameter should be 9.78 or you can adjust it until you get the correct frequency ratio and the commanded analog voltage.

For analog input 0V to 5V, you need to set P-064 parameters to value 7.78 or you can adjust it until you get the correct frequency ratio and the commanded analog voltage. For 0V to 5V analog input, you dont need to use resistor, it is only needed to calibrate input voltage by changing P-064 parameters…

ae200 spindle




Package Includes

PACKAGE Includes 

  • (1pcs) / Motor Spindle with clamping nut
  • (1pcs) / Collet 6mm
  • (2pcs) / Water Input/Output Connectors
  • (1pcs) / Aviation 4 Pin Plug ConnectorWeight without packaging: 5kg

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Water Cooled Spindle

Water cooled Spindle Motor 2.2KW / 220V 400Hz with ER20 collet size